• Top 3 best bridal shops in San Francisco

  • Unique wedding dresses from European designers

  • Lead time for your wedding dress is only 2-4 months

  • Dresses are made to measure and can be customized

  • Permanent wedding dress sample sale

  • Affordable prices $900-2,800

About  Us

Bridal Breeze is a bridal shop in San Francisco.


We find and partner with young, not yet famous, but extraordinarily gifted European designers to create unique wedding dresses and offer them to the US market. ​Only the best fabrics and silky linens to ensure the premium quality of our bridal dresses. 

 All dresses in our boutique are made to measure because all brides are unique.

We can also customize the dress according to your needs, so you will get a custom wedding dress. 

Receive your affordable designer wedding dress in as little as 2-4 months.

Price range from $900 - 2800.